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3 simple steps to deploy and use Dial Once omnichannel routing platform:


Create customer journeys with our intuitive interface in a fast and autonomous way:

  1. Build your intents and solutions

  2. Define the routing criterias between your intents and solutions in each situation

  3. Parameter your challenges (opening hours, processing time and capacity, etc.)

  4. Plug-in your solutions (client space on website or app, priority numbers on IVR, chats etc.

You are now ready to publish your chosen customer journey!

Industry-specific templates are made available for you to pick and choose the best customer journey specific to your needs 


The customer journey is now ready for activation on multiple voice and digital channels:

  • IVR

  • Website

  • Mobile app

  • Pdf 

  • Email


Access Dial Once dashboard to measure the impact of your customer journey in real time

Find KPIs to access all data around:

  • Motivation of intents

  • Solutions used

  • Cost related to each solution

All KPIs are available in real time on all chosen areas (product, category, intent, channel, language etc.) and have visibility over the ROI of your project on our platform

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