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Improve Customer Experience of Your Callers

Whatever the origin of the contact, Dial-Once provides an Intelligent Contact Hub to all the clients who want to reach a customer care service.

Dial-Once is reinventing customer care by digitizing inbound customer care calls. Poor customer experiences provided by a traditional IVR negatively impacts a company’s’ brand image and future revenue streams. No-one likes experiencing the dreaded “Press 1, press 2, etc …”

With Dial-Once visual IVR, a voice call is transformed into a digital experience enabling: self-resolution, call routing to other communication channels (e.g chat), or call transfer to the live agent with the most relevant skills to address the customer request. It helps companies to unify customer journey through all communication channels.

  • Improve customers experience

  • Reduce call handling costs

  • Boost digital transformation

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Better than a Visual IVR

A Unique Contact Hub

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Visual IVR

Dial-Once improves Customer Care Center as catalyst of all the new digital services they offer to their clients. We do not reinvent the customer care, we only base our method on the existing content in order to ease customer journey.

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Customer Care Improvement

Dial-Once proposes to Customer Care Services to handle large volume of incoming calls with digital. Thanks to its Contact Hub, Dial-Once offers a full-intergrated customer journey with digital and telephony.

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Customer Experience Management

Dial-Once has developed partnerships with all the leaders of the customer care eco-system as IVR editors. Dial-Once’s platform plugs into all the existing digital solutions the company already installed.

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Customers in every Industry

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The customer Care function has to field over 50 million inbound customer care calls every year. We serve everyone in France and wanted to show our customers that we are the most innovative postal service in Europe today. Dial-once are at the forefront of eCare and when we asked, they delivered.

Raphael Colas, La Poste

We liked the idea, we believe that innovation can truly improve customer relationship. Thanks to Dial-Once we moved to a multi-channel relationship with our customers.

Bernard Bordas, Marketing Director, Credit Agricole

With Dial Once, self-care is a win-win approach, the customer is pleased to resolve his issue by himself, and we avoid an incoming call.

Charles Cauche, Innovation Department - Skills and Processes Engie