With numerous major banking players references, we have identified challenges both in the Contact Center and in the sales network. The banking sector is a highly competitive market where customer relations are a key element in building loyalty. DialOnce enables its banking partners to both increase their customer loyalty and their commercial productivity.

The challenges of the banking sector


Optimising availability

Main needs :

All types of calls


Use cases according to needs :

Rerouting unanswered calls to a digital pathway (self-serve or alternative channel)

Reducing processing costs

Main needs :
  • Claim declaration
  • Stop payment on credit cards
  • Obtain checking account balance
  • Order a check book

  • Cas d’usage selon ses intentions :
  • Directing calls to a self-serve path
  • Directing calls to the right service
  • DialOnce-Screen-CANDF-SVI-Banque

    Increasing commercial productivity

    Main needs :
  • Subscribe to a contract
  • Simulation of a contract
    Tailored use cases according to your needs :
  • Prioritise telephone calls
  • Recovering abandoned calls
  • Clients who trust us !