With numerous major banking players references, we have identified challenges both in the Contact Center and in the sales network. The banking sector is a highly competitive market where customer relations are a key element in building loyalty. DialOnce enables its banking partners to both increase their customer loyalty and their commercial productivity.

The challenges of the banking sector

Increasing commercial productivity

Main needs :

  • Subscribe to a contract
  • Simulation of a contract

Tailored use cases according to your needs :

  • Prioritise telephone calls
  • Recovering abandoned calls

Reducing processing costs

Main needs :

  • Claim declaration
  • Stop payment on credit cards
  • Obtain checking account balance
  • Order a check book

Use cases according to needs :

  • Directing calls to a self-serve path
  • Directing calls to the right service

Optimising availability

Main needs :

  • All types of calls

Use cases according to needs :

  • Rerouting unanswered calls to a digital pathway (self-serve or alternative channel)

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