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Deliver an exceptional Customer Experience

A 24/7 seamless Customer Experience with easy access to answers through a self-care journey or the right contact channel.

Give your customers seamless access to their answers

Based on the information préviously collected, adapt the Customer journey and the way to access the Customer Area.

Too often, personalized information is only accessible at the end of a Customer journey which sometimes makes your customers give up before accessing to their answer.

With the Dial Once solution, adapt the authentication method and keep this information throughout the omnichannel journey. It will allow transmitting the information to the representative to reduce the processing time and personalize the customer reception.

Offer a customized customer journey

The Dial-Once Visual IVR is a totally customizable solution that adapts to the origin of the contact, the customer journey as well as the time, position, language, CSR availability, waiting time, available channels, etc.

Measure customer satisfaction in real time

Measure spontaneous customer satisfaction with the Dial Once post-contact Visual IVR. Enjoy a much higher response rate compared to market standards (using traditional solutions) as well as real-time identification of unsatisfied customers.

Do you want to improve your Customer Experience?