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How to acquire a 360 ° view on your contact channels and optimize their use?

With a ready-to-use solution, drive your contact channels in real time to measure their efficiency

according to their contextualization and optimize your First Contact Resolution rate.

Customer’s Journeys Scoring

Measure your customer’s journeys efficiency by integrating your organizational constraints and your customer relationship strategy via a Scoring. This scoring consists of a complex algorithm which is the key to measure the efficiency of your customer’s journeys. It will also allow you to determine and manage the most used contact solutions in an omni-channel approach and interfaced to all of your solutions.
Moreover, properly controlling your contact channels will allow you to better understand the realized journeys and thus to give you the opportunity to optimize your First Contact Resolution rate.

Autonomous administration of the solution

Autonomously, improve your Customer’s journeys and control your channels in real time.

From collected KPIs and via Machine Learning, contextualize your intents and solutions.

Measure your selfcare contents’ efficiency

Get an accurate view of your selfcare solutions’ use (forms, FAQ, Customer Area …) and adapt customer journeys according to your observations. Based on data reportings, check the relevance of your selfcare solutions for continuous improvement.

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