RogerVoice RogerVoice is french startup providing  a means for the deaf and hard-of-hearing to carry out phone conversations.  RogerVoice may also be used by any person wishing to communicate in writing during a phone call and/or to receive live transcriptions (also know as subtitles or captions) of conversations. [...]



inbenta Inbenta is an artificial intelligence solutions provider and semantic search technology provider for customer support and ticketing applications.  « As a complementary solution, Dial-Once is the one we needed for our business. They bring their platform which digitized calls and inbenta plugs its chat or dynamic FAQ capabilities. Our collaboration give to [...]



Deafi Deafi is the first customer care center specialized in deaf and hearing-impaired people. Their principles are based on the right to accessible customer care center. They propose a customer path with webcam and/or sign language to help deaf and hearing-impaired people to have the same access to the company's services. Discover the use [...]