Le Forem – Copy

Comment Darty parvient à améliorer sa joignabilité tout en réduisant ses coûts de traitement? Gérant un volume important d’appels, Darty souhaite développer sa stratégie de digitalisation des parcours afin de favoriser le selfcare et l’usage des canaux de contacts digitaux (chat, messaging…) pour réduire ses coûts et améliorer sa joignabilité 24/7

Vattenfall – Anglais

SUCCESS STORY English Version How did Vattenfall optimise its resolutionat first contact?  The challenge Reduce the volume of customer interactions Optimise First Contact Resolution Promote lower cost solutions Reduce low value added calls Prioritise high value calls Vattenfall has experienced a surge in customer numbers, resulting in a higher volume of customer requests. To improve… Continue reading Vattenfall – Anglais

Crédit Agricole Nord de France

SUCCESS STORY How did Crédit Agricole Nord de France optimise its reach and boost its commercial productivity ? The challenge Increase Reach to over 80% Promote autonomous paths Reduce volume of incoming calls Reduce pressure on teams Encourage outbound calls After deploying new contact paths in 2020, the volume of incoming contacts increased by 200%.… Continue reading Crédit Agricole Nord de France


SUCCESS STORY  How does Darty manage to enhance its accessibility while reducing its processing costs? The challenge Improve reachability  Prioritize high value-added calls Prioritize use of digital resolution channels Monitore the performance of customer service tools Darty receives a high volume of incoming calls. They wished to develop its customer experience digitalization strategy. The goal… Continue reading Darty