Offer A Better Customer Experience To Your Callers 2017-08-10T09:50:33+00:00

Offer A Better Customer Experience to Your Callers

Are you looking to deliver an outstanding experience to customers calling you? We have the solution. It links Digital and Telephony.

How? Digitizing incoming calls!

Dial-Once offers an innovative solution which pivot customer care calls to digital contact hub. Incoming calls of your customer service are routed to a visual interface leveraging your existing digital assets, instead of the traditional and frustrating IVR system: “Press 1…, Press 2, etc..”

Focus your customer experience on selfcare and make you digital tools available 24/7 as customers can find what they are looking for, whenever they want.

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With more than 200 customer engagements, Dial-Once is a recognized leader on the unified customer relationship market.