DialOnce General Terms of Sale

2. License

Unless otherwise stipulated in the quote, in the case of a fixed price service, the services are invoiced by DialOnce and are invoiced 100% upon ordering.
In the case of a time-based service, DialOnce reserves resources to be consumed during a predefined period.  At the end of this period, all remaining days are automatically billed to the Client.  

During the service, the time spent are recorded in a tracking tool knowing that any 1⁄2 day started is due.
The Customer receives a monthly statement of days consumed by the 10th of the following month.   The Customer then has 5 calendar days to make any comments. After this period and without any return from the Customer, the statement is considered validated and the corresponding invoice is issued. Any half-day started is due.


2. License

The license corresponds to the right to use the solution. The license is activated and invoiced on the date stipulated on the quote or at the latest on the day of the kick-off meeting.   Unless otherwise stipulated in the order form, the commitment is for 36 months from the date of activation, with tacit renewal for equivalent periods. The customer may terminate the contract on each anniversary date with 90 days notice. The license as well as the addons in the form of packs are invoiced annually in arrears.   Actual usages (sms and calls) are invoiced quarterly in arrears.

3. Price revision

Unless otherwise stipulated in the contract, rates are automatically increased by 5% on each contract anniversary date.

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4. Payment terms

Unless otherwise stipulated, invoices are to be paid upon receipt.

 Comment start In case of delay, penalties at the annual rate of 10.05% as well as a fixed indemnity for collection costs of €40.00 excl.

No discount is granted for early payment.

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5. Communication

Dial-Once and the Customer authorize each other to communicate on the present partnership.

6. Confidentiality and reproduction clause

Each of the Parties undertakes to keep secret all information and confidential data, oral or written, of an industrial, commercial, financial, technical or other nature and relating to the other Party of which it is brought to knowledge, either directly by the other Party or by any other means, or during visits or in any other circumstance. Likewise, each of the Parties undertakes not to reproduce, copy or publish all or part of the solutions and/or Confidential Information and Data of the other Party, in whatever form.

7. Non-poaching

The Client commits himself not to hire any of the Dial-Once staff members with whom he has been put in relation within the framework of the mission, during all the duration of the contractual relation increased by a duration of two (2) years as from the date of the end of their relation. By default, the Client owes Dial-Once an indemnity amounting to 2 times the annual gross salary should this clause be breached.

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