Customer experience meets your Contact page before any others

Whatever stage of digital maturity your company has reached, your customer service team will find itself facing a major challenge, namely the customer experience. It is not only frustrating for the customer, but also for the business to deal with customer queries, knowing that incoming calls cost the business on average EUR 5-12. However, a […]

Banks: improve the customer experience by increased use of digital technology?

Mobile application, website, visual IVR, or even Chatbot; there are plenty of digital tools available to support banking organisations delivering customer relationship management. However, how can they derive business benefit from these new tools without compromising their customer base? A study conducted by Eptica on the subject of customer experience in 2017 found worryingly that […]

The top 7 Contact Centre events in France

What can be better than to focus on events dedicated to customer relationship management and the improvement of the customer experience. Here is a selection of the 7 events you should not miss: 1. Salon Stratégie Clients Twitter: @strategiec Website: Dates: 10-12 April 2018 Location: Porte de Versailles, Paris Format: Stands, conferences, round-table events The […]

How to calculate self-care rate?

What is self-care? Times are changing and we are no longer obliged to make a phone call to get assistance (to check the progress of a claim, change account details, or further information etc.). Nowadays, the customer can address a number of issues using different access channels into the company: mobile apps, FAQs, customer portal, automated […]