The Visual-IVR: breaking the silos of customer care

Because building up a customer loyalty – now volatile – costs 5 times less than acquiring a new one, companies have realized the importance of changing and animating the relationship with their customers. While (usually!) they master their outbound contact process via loyalty programs and calculated sollicitations, the sensitive time is still the moment when […]

How to sell a Visual IVR to your boss?

In order to offer a more seamless customer experience, the norm currently seems to be automating the means by which clients contact a business. Today, according to a study carried out by Forrester, 83% of customers still use the telephone to contact a business. In the future, the challenge is to leverage this channel to […]

How does Messenger interface with a visual IVR?

Companies currently in the throes of implementing digital transformation, are battling with telephony and digital departments, which in the past, worked in silos with conflicting strategies. However, these two departments had shared objectives and had to rely on existing technology. Chatbots and a greater take-up of artificial intelligence, offer these two departments a new opportunity […]