How to sell a Visual IVR to your boss?

How to sell a Visual IVR to your boss?

In order to offer a more seamless customer experience, the norm currently seems to be automating the means by which clients contact a business. Today, according to a study carried out by Forrester, 83% of customers still use the telephone to contact a business. In the future, the challenge is to leverage this channel to suggest a digital alternative, thereby making the customer more autonomous by using a self-care tool kit. This alternative is the Visual IVR. An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is one of the tools employed in customer relationship management, which by using voice menus, allows the caller to start again and be connected with the right call centre agent. A traditional IVR has always been of great value as it represents the gateway between a customer and the business. It puts the caller in touch with a live agent in the company at a precise moment in the customer journey, which itself is a solution to a problem. No business should neglect this contact method.

Improved customer experience

A study conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Butagaz found that for 48% of French people, speed of response is the key differentiator between customer service operations. If your boss is convinced that the real challenge is customer experience, this figure is crucial in making the decision to implement a visual IVR. As opposed to a traditional IVR which asks the caller to “Press 1…, Press 2…, Press 3…”, the visual IVR dramatically reduces wait time and offers a unique digital alternative.Through the simplicity of the digital interface, the visual IVR can present a list of practical alternatives for the caller in a few seconds. A tool like this delivers outstanding customer service management and paves the way to omnichannel self-care. Thanks to the visual IVR, your customer no longer has to wait: when the business is closed or during weekends; the customer can access your service 24/7.

A reduction in the volume of low added-value calls

Your boss will no doubt want to know what the tangible return on investment is before implementing any such a solution. To convince them of the benefit of testing a visual IVR, point out the savings made over low added-value calls (hours of opening, addresses, check progress of a claim, etc.). Thanks to the visual IVR, the waiting time associated with a traditional IVR allows the customer to pre-qualify their request and/or use self-care solutions to enable them to find the answer to their questions all by themselves. Thanks to the earlier pre-qualification, the call centre agent has the customer’s entire digital context displayed on screen, which avoids having to ask the customer to repeat information already supplied. This in turn reduces the average processing time (APT).

Accelerate your digital transformation plans

You’ve already made significant investment in digital systems? Your boss will therefore be delighted to know that the supporting information already available from your FAQs, mobile applications or website can be leveraged by linking them directly via the visual IVR interface. With just one click, your customers can navigate around the existing online resources and find answers to questions all by themselves or switch to an alternative digital channel. The visual IVR makes it possible for a business to promote all the digital services in which it has invested on one single platform.

Assisted tracking of activity

Your boss requires a global vision of the usefulness of this tool? Show them a jointly built dashboard, which lists for them all the data available as a result of using this visual IVR. The data collected offers an in-depth vision of journeys made before the call. It is much easier to make the right decisions when based on customer activity, whether it relates to a telephony channel or a digital channel. The visual IVR goes much further by allowing you to measure the relevance of your self-care content, page after page.

If your boss is still not convinced, why not suggest that they see a live demonstration

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