Digitalise your customer relationship

Direct the customers who contact you
to the best resolution journey.


Some requests are still made over the phone


Some calls are still not resolved by autonomous methods


So-called "multi-channel" reiteration

Why is this an issue ?

- High handling costs


- Poor pick-up rate


- Lack of time to make outbound calls

Why is this an issue ?

- High handling costs


- Potentially unhandled business calls


- No digital strategy with your customers

Why is this an issue ?

- A negative customer experience


- Multiple requests for the same reason impacting costs and service quality


- No overview of the efficiency of the available digital solutions

The only omnichannel orientation bot

Offer a personalised resolution journey from voice, digital and your physical contact locations. 

Compare the efficiency of your journeys to those of other industry peers and adapt them to your constraints: available resolution channels, schedules, agent availability, customer language, etc…

Adjust your journeys by drag-and-drop in real time without technical integration.

Have omnichannel reporting that reflects your journey from the point of contact to the resolution. Set priorities and make knowledge-based decisions without delay.

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Trusted experts

Beyond their academic credentials, DialOnce team members are agile, curious, and strive for excellence while having a true team spirit. This is our mission at DialOnce : to facilitate the first interaction in order to enhance your customer satisfaction and your operational efficiency !

Sébastien LEGROS Director of Digital Solutions at Teleperformance

The DialOnce teams demonstrated their flexibility and agility during the deployment of the Visual IVR. Following the deployment, DialOnce was able to make proposals to optimize the process

Guillaume KERMAREC Head of Strategy and Transformation at Sofinco

The responsiveness and experience of the DialOnce team allowed us to accelerate our usual implementation processes. We had a project up and running within 15 days. Performance management was then

Jérôme GUENE Project Manager at Generali

Generali wanted to digitize the calls in order to have a better qualification than the voice server could offer and to orientate customers towards self-services such as the customer area, email and actions they could do themselves. The DialOnce team was very responsive and was able to handle all the needs that Generali had

Luc RONDOT Executive Director of Private Operations at Crédit Foncier

Efficiency is the word that comes to mind when I think of the project conducted with DialOnce. Always available, they accompanied us in the implementation of the solution, taking into account our specific use case. The Dial-Once team was able to make proposals and provide us with the most-recent technological solutions during the project phase. They were proactive and agile throughout the project

Laurent GRAZIANI Head of the Customer Relations Center for the Individual Market at Crédit Agricole Nord de France

Within a few weeks, the DialOnce solution was deployed and the effect was immediate ! CANDF is satisfied with the DialOnce solution and the support in terms of responsiveness, availability and proximity

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