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Our services

Dial-Once proposes a Intelligent Contact Hub, helping companies to manage all the inbound calls but also all the communication made within digital channels. Dial-Once Visual IVR is able to provide in a Unique Contact Hub all the communication channels the customer needs.

This Contact Hub helps reducing customer care calls and makes customers more autonomous. In order to save calls that can be handled via self-care or with a more appropriate channel, Dial-Once has designed it to

  • qualify the need of the customer,
  • promote the organization’s existing digital content when it is available, enabling self-care,
  • promote the most appropriate channel available.


The 3 main challenges for customer care

Avoid negative impact on your brand and on future revenue.

Callers do not want to interact with a slow IVR, struggle to get to the right agent, or bounce from one customer service rep (CSR) to another.

Accelerate your digital transformation plans

Despite implementing internet options, email support and/or chat, customers are still calling. This affects companies’ ability to acquire data through digital channels and implement agile, data-based iteration processes.

Reduce the cost to serve

Customer care calls are necessary for customer retention or account management, but serving these calls rarely has any revenue upside.

How our Services address these challenges

Dial-Once’s platform digitalizes inbound customer care calls, with a technology platform that turns a voice call into a digital session, regardless of the entry point. Whether a call originates from a mobile web session, via a mobile app or straight from a mobile phone, Dial-Once can replace the call with a digital interface displayed on the user’s smartphone. This addresses the three challenges identified above.

Dial Once Visual IVR demo
  • Gives the user a more innovative and rapid visual interface

    thus avoiding unpopular IVR experience and offering additional call resolution options.

  • Transforms the call into a digital interaction

    regardless of where the customer journey started, providing essential data and accelerating existing digital transformation efforts.

  • Qualifies calls before speaking to a CSR

    leading to improvement in call center KPIs, and increasing the level of self-service, thus avoiding a live person call and its associated cost-to-serve.

Digitize your calls with Dial-Once

Dial-Once visual interface facilitates the integration of best in class communication solutions expected by your customers (CallBack, Chat, Chatbot, SMS, Mail, etc…) as well as faster rolling out and reduced supplier dependencies.

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The benefits


Greater digital engagement with 80% of customers using the service


A lower cost-to-serve with self-service reaching 20%


Rapid customer feedback with NPS response rates reaching 55%