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Project Description

BNP Paribas E&RE client service

comes first

BNP Paribas E&RE (Epargne & Retraite Entreprises) proposes corporate savings and pension plan to companies and their trustees. Its ambition is to provide its 26,000 corporate clients and 1.1 million trustees with the best service in town. 

This has resulted in the setting up of a pilot with Dial-Once to deliver its client as 24 hours service.

« In this initial cooperation phase, we valued the reactivity of Dial-Once, the quality of their presentation and their flexibility: for instance, they gave them the possibility to give up the service anytime if the return on investment was not there. We were able to issue a simplified deployment contract thanks to the startup toolkit, an initiative launched by BNP Paribas Group to facilitate business with startups. »

Philippe Clément, in charge of BNP Paribas E&RE client service

Project Management between Dial Once and BNP


Open Up Innovation Article

1st October 2017 – BNP Paribas ere and Dial Once found the solution to improve their client service.

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