Salon Stratégie Clients 2017: Overview

Salon Stratégie Clients 2017: Overview

On the 18, 19 and 20th of April 2017 the Salon Stratégie Clients took place in Paris at the Porte de Versailles.

This is the annual get-together of all the players in the customer relationship management ecosystem where the latest innovations in customer experience and digital solutions are on display.

The ultimate objective of all the companies who attend the Salon Stratégie Clients is to simplify the customer journey to reduce the amount of effort the customer spends each day needing to contact a business. This is an ambitious objective, which offers dozens of businesses, large enterprises and innumerable start-up companies the opportunity to present innovative solutions and services to large audiences over the three-day period of the event. During the 2017 event, artificial intelligence was at the heart of discussions intending to answer an important challenge: namely that of customer autonomy in resolving their own queries. If technology brings us new ways of considering, transforming and reinventing customer relationship management every day, companies should put in place an equivalent internal think tank. This digital transformation goes beyond evangelising about digital usage by internal employees and beyond the removal of legacy inter-departmental silos, that usually exist between telephony and digital based services.

Once this has been acknowledged, Dial Once has managed to bring in two of its customers to demonstrate to what extent businesses are capable of proposing a richer customer experience for their customers today.

Allianz: Digitisation of incoming calls

The first workshop in the 2017 event included an outstanding presentation given by Allianz on the project jointly run with Dial Once within the customer service team of their health care business, Allianz Santé. Run jointly by Dial Once and Mathieu Talleux, the manager in charge of telephony and customer contact solutions at Allianz, the workshop illustrated how Dial Once was able to improve the customer experience at Allianz by taking part in their digital transformation.

Carglass: Digitisation of incoming and outgoing phone calls

Carglass, a specialist in repairing and replacing vehicle windows and windscreens, was present during the first workshop to talk about its project with Dial Once.

Solving the problem of digitising inbound calls achieved the final objective of facilitating customer relationship management and optimising the arrangement of appointments at their workshops.

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