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Our solutions

100% of mobile calls can be digitized and redirected to your company’s digital services and content, through an Intelligent Contact Hub. Our solution greatly improves customer experience, promote your company’s digital initiatives while significantly reducing call handling costs.

Digitize incoming calls


Dial-Once solution digitizes customer care calls for mobile users, i.e., transforms a voice call into a digital experience (whether dialed direct, or resulting from clicking through a mobile web or App button), allowing your customers to access all your digital content.

Dial-Once solution is not an additional contact channel. Rather, thanks to its Intelligent Contact Hub, it leverages all your existing channels delivering a unified journey to your customers.

The Intelligent Contact Hub is designed to promote existing digital content to promote selfcare and displaying most efficient channels depending on availability and business rules.

Dial-Once experience is praised by customers. They see the Dial-Once solution as a time saver with far more possibilities than a “classic” IVR.

Outstanding Customer Experience

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Based on his request, we redirect the customer to a self-guided journey with the ability to contact a live agent at anytime.

Faster Digital Transformation

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Redirecting incoming calls to our platfrom allows to promote all your digital services and content, placing once again your customers at the center of all interactions.

Better Call Qualification

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Dial-Once Solution qualify the incoming call via a visual interface more intuitive and efficient than a traditional IVR.

Reduced Cost to Serve

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Promoting selfcare reduces costs to serve and the needs for human interaction for simple queries, thus allowing to focus valuable human time to answer complex issues. 

Post Call Visual Interface

As soon as the call is terminated, Dial-Once delivers a post-call visual interface which allows to measure the customer satisfaction and to promote services from your company.

This interface is tailored to your needs. For example, your company can measure its “Net Promoter Score” (NPS) and detect in Real-Time a disappointed customer in order to contact him immediately.


A quick customer feedback with up to  55% response rate on “Net Promoter Score”


Dashboard with actionable insights


Dial-Once tracks the customer journey on its intelligent contact platform, and capture also the journey prior to the call. To enable you to constantly optimize your digital content, Dial-Once let you know whether your users reach you from your website, your web application or directly dialing in your phone number.

This dashboard shows all the KPIs in a single view and allow to enable/disable the solution.

Customer journeys reports are also available for in-depth analysis.