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An Omnichannel Platform, regardless of the originating channel

We think that one of the keys to the success of a Visual IVR is its easy user access, offering the best customer experience throughout a seamless journey.  That’s why clients access the Dial-Once solution easily from any channel—phone, digital and offline.

This approach rationalizes the customer journey to capitalize on work performed on one, unique contact platform.

The Phone Channel

Even though digital communication has been expanding, according to Forrester, the phone remains the most used channel. 83% of customers use a phone to contact a company*.

Without changing their habits and without them even noticing, the customer call is transferred to the Visual IVR platform either automatically or on request. The Dial-Once solution can be accessed from any land or mobile phone through different, additional solutions.


*Source: Forrester

The Digital Channel

When a customer wants to contact you from your website, mobile app, email or Messenger, the Dial-Once Visual IVR makes sure that the customer understands that they may use a self-care journey before they are redirected to the right phone or digital contact channel.

The customer journey is recorded and transferred during the phone or digital contact to provide a continuous customer experience that reduces average contact processing times.


The Offline Channel

When a customer is looking for your contact information from an offline support tool, a personalized QR code to access the Dial-Once Visual IVR to make access to a self-care journey easy and route the customer to the right phone or digital contact channel.