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Visual IVR

A customer journey that covers six key steps, to qualify the need, offer self-guided journeys and route the customer to the right competence on the chosen channel.

After a call, our patented Visual IVR measures spontaneous satisfaction and can promote other solutions and services (upsell and cross-sell).


Self-care journey

Choice of alternative channel

Contextualization of the call

Measurement of satisfaction

Advertising campaign

A Customized Visual IVR

The Visual IVR is a disruptive solution for the market. Beyond offering an efficient solution, Dial-Once provides a panel of experts to help you implement a personalized solution that fits your challenges, tools, and needs.

In just a few weeks, the Dial-Once method of iteration by implementation defines the customer journey, measures added value and evolves using a Test and Learn process.


A Plug and Play Visual IVR

Visual IVR’s philosophy is Plug & Play. You’ve already invested in digital and telecom tools and our solution builds a journey that uses your existing tools.

The Dial-Once Visual IVR promotes your digital solutions, making them accessible from any customer journey whether it’s on the phone, digital or offline.

Bring value to your digital and telecom investments to make them accessible from all contact points.


Contextualized Visual IVR

Several levels of contextualization:

●      According to your call center’s opening hours to enable 24/7 access

●      According to the caller’s profile to offer the journey that best suits their need.

     According to the contact channel with the best availability.