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With the Dial Once Visual IVR, digitize your phone calls to an Intelligent Visual Interface

While, with a traditional IVR, the customer accesses a list of choices to qualify his intent before talking to an agent, with the Visual IVR, he is routed, effortlessly, to a visual journey allowing him to reach the right digital channel or selfcare journey before talking to an agent. 


Self-care journey

Choice of alternative channels

Call Contextualization

Satisfaction analysis

Advertising campaign

An improved Customer Experience and a

reduction of incoming phone calls

When the user contacts the company by phone, the Dial Once Visual IVR allows to route his call to a selfcare journey, an alternative digital contact channel or to the most adapted phone queue.

Consequently, despite having started with a voice channel, the customer can easily access digital contact channels or selfcare solutions.


A Plug and Play approach

The Dial Once Visual IVR is a Plug & Play solution. No IT or telephony revolution for your teams but an easy implementation, adapted to your infrastructure’s specificities. You simply leverage your digital tools by making them accessible from all points of contact.


An “always available” solution

The Visual IVR allows a seamless contact between you and your client. The multi-level contextualization allows providing a specific answer to each request, depending on the availability and processing capacity of your call center. The customer’s profile is also collected to always offer the most adapted channel to satisfy his needs and/or to find the best available agent.