DialOnce team

The DialOnce team is already composed of about thirty collaborators from all over the world in order to be as close as possible to our customers.


Our strengths

The great team

The amazing office

The atmosphere

The sport activities

The 100% digital work

The scale-up !

The management team


Charles Dunston​

As captain of the ship, Charles sets and adjusts the strategy of DialOnce. He organizes the human, technical and financial means to implement it. An eye on the horizon, he anticipates the next phases of development.

Benoit Bouffard

Benoit, Chief Product Officer, is a recognized expert in the field of Customer Relations and is at the heart of the business and technological challenges of the DialOnce solution. The CPO conceives the functional vision of the Product, and controls its realization.

Adrien Lesage

Adrien, Chief Commercial Officer, leads the Business department dealing with Marketing, Business Development and Customer Success. The CCO is responsible for customer acquisition and retention as well as revenue and margin growth.

Dylan Ivens

Dylan, Chief Technical Officer, is responsible for the transformation of the product’s ambitions of high-performance, ergonomy and stability of the technical solutions. The CTO builds the vision within his scope and ensures communication with other departments.