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Why we are different

What differentiates Dial-Once is that our service is working at the device level, rather than requiring a large, lengthy and expensive project within the call center. Our service can lead to improved customer care call experiences, promote faster time to resolution by providing initial information on the nature of a customer inquiry, and increased rates of self-service from smart mobile devices.

What really differentiates us is the way that we have designed our platform so that it can be implemented quickly, working alongside existing systems without the need for a major IT integration project. Avoid long lead times for implementation and large multi-million dollar projects to see measurable improvement. And it is performance based, so that the majority of the costs to the enterprise are tied to proven results in service.

Our service can provide non-PII details (e.g., geolocation, or caller language) to a call center in order to enhance the call center responsiveness and improve call center metrics regardless of the legacy systems that may be in use. We also have a customer survey option that has achieved much higher participation rates than traditional voice-based surveys, by making it quick and easy for users to participate.

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