Crisis management,

an opportunity to accelerate its digital transformation

Visual IVR makes it possible to switch an incoming telephone call to a digital solution (contact solution or selfcare route) in order to allow each caller to access a 24/7 solution. Calls with low added value are thus significantly reduced because they are switched to a selfcare route.

The other calls not dealt with by the telecareers can be directed towards an alternative contact channel (form, email, call back, chat ...) allowing to smooth the activity of the teleconseillers.

An opportunity to promote selfcare:

Feedback on the implementation of SVI Visual dialonce

Environmental pollution, health crisis, strikes, product returns, IT problems, natural disasters ... The reasons for the crisis affecting businesses and administrations are not only numerous but also sometimes unpredictable.

A crisis situation can have significant negative effects for the company.

RATP innovates during the strike to satisfy its customers with visual IVR dialonce
In the context of direct debit, the DGFIP innovates with visual IVR dialonce

Implementation as part of the Covid-19

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