Arnaud de Lacoste – Acticall: Building a digital transformation

With $ 1.7 billion revenues in 2017, 75,000 employees in 22 countries, and more than 146 contact centers, Acticall-Sitel is today a key player in integrated business services and customer relations. Leader in sectors such as customer experience, digital technology, and training, the group founded in 1994 by Arnaud de Lacoste, Laurent Uberti and Olivier Camino acquired a strong expertise on digital transformation.

It is on this particular topic that Arnaud de Lacoste (Acticall General Director) confided during the last Paris Customer Relationship’s fair. The keys he gives are are very inspiring.

Create a completely integrated customer journey.

We are building solutions, not products” says the leader first. Acticall’s approach is therefore to build “the best possible solution with a brick-by-brick strategy but in a completely integrated customer’s journey” continues the Director.

But in a logic of digital transformation, where innovation holds an increasingly important place, how can you maintain the necessary flexibility when you are one of the four major players in the sector?”We rely on an ecosystem of partners [to build] a solution that makes sense for the final customer” continues the man that was behind the digital transformation agency The Social Client’s founded in 2011.

A plurality of innovative solutions to best meet the problems of its customers

The agency has significantly enriched the Acticall catalog by forming partnerships with start-ups as diverse as innovative.

From Eptica, with its multi-channels customer interaction management solutions, to Lithium and its Social CRM, the group has been able to find the required agility for its customers while having more efficient tools.

For Arnaud de Lacoste, even though all the proposed solutions respond to an identified customer’s need, some receive his favors.

We’ve been able to create a wonderful partnership with Dial-Once for over a year,” he says, “because we share the same values ​​around simplicity and good service.”

Also, this solution allows “to optimize the realized investments” by making “a real sorting of calls by value and a real improvement of the cost per treated call“.

With joint projects in France, but also in the US and Brazil, this partnership seems set to last “as long as possible” says the leader in a smile.

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